rkloud Inc. is an ANC 8(a) certified Small Disadvantaged Business, and while this status provides unique contracting advantages to our clients it is our experience and qualifications, combined with our strong partner relationships that sets us apart from our competitors.

rkloud Inc. is backed by parent company, Huna Totem Corporation, organized under the Alaskan Native Corporation Settlement Act. This financial backing provides rkloud Inc. the stability to confidently assert that we can meet the ongoing requirements of our clients in ways not normally available to small businesses.

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Today’s Government operations demand the rapid collection, fusion and transmission of information at unprecedented speed, capacity, availability, precision and security. This constant and uncompromising posture must be maintained across all platforms and in the most challenging environments around the world. This level of operation is the one we at RavenTek look forward to supporting day in day out as our mission priority.


rkloud Inc.